Cure for Cancer using Natural Remedies

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What to do to Prevent Cancer?

What to do to prevent Cancer?


Getting control of your health is actually not difficult, the first thing to do is to understand once and for all that it is your job to be healthy, it is your responsibility not your doctor´s responsibility.


Nobody wants to hear that you have to stop eating junk and that you have to exercise in order to get healthier, but if you want to live free of pain, with energy and without the fear of getting cancer then, you have to change the way you live your life now. There are several things you have to do and little by little incorporate them in your life, you do not have to do them all at once, let´s say you start with one change at a time, and some day you will realise that changing your habits was worthy.


First thing to do as I already said, stop eating junk food, fast food, avoid anything with white flour, sugars, colorants, preservatives and start eating more vegetables, fruits, less meat and dairy products to clean your body, it will be not hard to do if you are really determined and actually there are lots of good, tasty healthy recipes online.


Taking Vitamin B17 and apricot seeds will definitely help you in the prevention of cancer, but of course it is not the magic solution, Vitamin B17 will work when you do a combination of cleansing and health habits. Use apricot seeds for general health and prevention, start out with one seed three times a day and move up to 15 to 20 seeds per day and/or 250mg to 500mg capsules.

Alternatively, you can take apricot seeds in capsule form. With a kit, you can grind up the seeds yourself and insert them into capsules. The apricot seed is a whole food and therefore is the best form of B17, but if you need high levels of vitamin B17, the capsules, tablets, and injectable B17 extract may also be needed.


Here is a list of more things you can do to clean and detoxify your body faster:


* Raw Apricot Seeds and/or Vitamin B17


* Zinc helps the B17 get into the cells better


* Multi-Vitamin Mineral, Amino- Acids, Enzymes Solution


* Organic coffee enemas


* Lymphatic dry brushing (there are videos on youtube)

* Rebounding for Lymph Drainage (videos on youtube)

* Juice raw vegetables (greens are important)


* High levels of Vitamin C (work up to 20,000mg a day or more)


* Essiac Tea with 8 Detoxing Herbs / Cancer Killing Tea


* MSM Organic Sulfur

* Grounding / Earthing Please see…

* Move, yes move… walk, exercise, ride on bicycle, do jogging, or hiking, it does no matter as long as you move for several hours during the day, not just 30 minutes to an hour in the gym everyday, you have to move all day long. Walk to your bank, use the stairs, do not use the remote control, have a garden and work on it, there are infinite ways to get moving all day long.


If you take your health as a serious matter, then this list of things will help you not only to avoid cancer but diabetes, chronic pains, high blood pressure and other types of diseases because you chose to be healthy.


We are not licensed medical professionals, just good people trying to help.