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I have recently translated a book about cancer in Farsi language. In that book, I define how to reverse and prevent cancer. 3/5 years ago my wife diagnosed with breast cancer (VDC) and I cured her with B17 and Essiac, so far she is doing well and no any recurrence  .please feel free to post this message on your website as a testimonial. I’m telling everybody how does Laetrile work without any side effect.
CANCER GONE 6 years of BCG therapy for recurring bladder cancer, started eating apricot kernels (8 a day) June 2016, cystoscopy and biopsies in November (no cancer found) To please the Professor, had 3 days more BCG in March 2017, cystoscopy and biopsies in July, (no cancer found). FIrst thing was prayer all the time, so believe the Lord healed me, led me to take the kernels, so thanks to him always. In fact the night before the November cystoscopy I woke from sleep and had this overwhelming impression that ‘tomorrow they will find nothing’ I began to cry and thank the Lord, and sure enough they ‘found nothing’ since.
We know 2 individuals that killed their cancer with this protocol, 1 had breast cancer, 54 days later it was gone, and the other had pancreatic cancer. Six months later, gone. We eat the kernels as a preventative. Anyone dealing with cancer should try this, since the only thing you have to lose is the cancer!   Well, both individuals completely changed their diets too, absolutely no sugars, no red meat. Vegetables raw, and lightly cooked only. The thing that troubles me is we tell this story to many, some that are fighting cancer, and they choose not to look into the possibility for themselves, which unfortunately for them is basically a death sentence. The chemo and so called treatment is worse and harder on the body than simple changes and natural “God given” remedies .
I would like to tell you something . I have been a believer in the benefits of apricot kernel oil to cure cancer for many years. I have always used it on skin cancer. I have a friend who has had six eye operations in the last year or so to remove a cancer. It kept coming back. Last week I had the brilliant idea that if we could get a drop of oil we could put it in his eye. We tried to crush it out of kernels to no avail so I decided to see if I could buy some on eBay. I did and I gave it to him on Monday. He put one drop in on Monday, another on Tuesday and on Wednesday the surgeon couldn’t find any sign of the cancer. Awesome Regards
Several years ago I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.  Today I am normal.   I owe the healthy diagnosis in part to Essiac Tea.  I made it from powder and drank it daily.  I also did  several other modalities.  Including – MOPA,  coffee enemas, and supplements. Friends and family remarked that now I could stop all this. I explained that I will continue. I want to stay healthy. And I know all my changes have made a difference in my immune system. Sadly this is not explained or offered in main stream medicine.  I was a nurse and watched patients suffer. I am grateful to a doctor telling me that I was getting old and wrinkled and that was the cause of my feeling unwell. At the time I was 35 years old.    It was the gift that started me searching other healing methods. And why I am healthy today
I would like that you did post this. Using only my first name would be best. I think the story would be very beneficial to people starting on their one journey to cure their cancer. Have you heard of B17 being able to fight Leukemia? I have a person who said they have a type that is infected less than 100 people in the US and they have had no luck using B17. While on the other hand thousands of people seem to be able to use it against other locations of cancer in the body.
I cured a cancer research scientist with red mill baking soda, who had advanced stage 5 cancer, taking 1 teaspoon in a pint of water in the morning, and again just before bed, it took 3.5 months to do, and that was 3 years.ago and still takes it every morning only now ! And there boss said “head of cancer reasearch” that it aint about cure anymore, its about getting people to have chemo, because thats how we earn our money,and any cures will be denied to the public ! 100% truth !!! + i cured my boss the same way ! Theres your answer they are treating us like a never ending money pit, cures i know from experiance are, 1 baking soda/ found 1 type it wont work on but ok for 95% of types 2 apricot kernals =vitamin B17 3 graviola tea/ powder too, but powder vile, put it in friut yogurt
Well I have come across B17 back to front I guess. I am a  kinesiologist and occasionally do work for myself as well as clients. In my last session I tested that I needed a supplement. Further testing showed the supplement to be B17. When I looked it up I was disturbed to find it was really only used to reduce tumours. I  tested that I had the start of a tumour in my lung. This is a little over a week ago . I bought the B17 in powder form and  checked how much to take – 6 scoops daily for 8 months. I then went to see my own kinesiologist to confirm my findings and following a detailed session releasing blocked energy from the lung he checked and agreed the B17 dose but to recheck in 3 weeks. I tested to stop taking B17 after just 5 days and the tumour tests as being down to a dot on my lung. I am immensely grateful for the efficacy of this vitamin and feel humble to have found it in the way I have. Since being guided to it I have researched it and realise there is a mine of wonderful research and experience. if you could use some  kinesiology testing alongside any of the work you do I would be happy to do some as it will help take the guess work out of how much and when. kind regards and good wishes to all on this journey.
I discovered Essiac Tea in 2002 from my cousin in Detroit. He went to Canada to pickup the formula and I made  2 gallons. Essiac Tea saved my life having 17 2 breast and 5yrs. free 1 bladder cancer.  for the past 3yrs. B 17 has been my best Friend.” I am a walking Testimony” Thank You Renee Caisse !!
My husband was diagnosed with carcinoma in situ of the bladder 5 years ago.  While he was having BCG instillation treatment I did some research on line and read about B17 and apricot kernels etc. My husband has been taking them for the past 3 years including zinc and other vitamins and all tests done over the years declare he is cancer free. I am sure there are also other natural cures but we will stick to this one and I hope the other people out there with cancer will  give this wonderful powerful seed a try.
Pauline (Italy)
Did my research on the Apricot kernels, started taking the (500mg) B17 two times a day with 2000mg vitamin C citric nitrate:pancreatic enzymes/vitamin B15 & eat a few raw kernels daily, well after 6 months my PSA went from a 4 to a 0.5 and my Dr has no answers when I told him what I have been doing, and didn’t seem to be interested in my Protocol either, all I can say is the Lord is good every time
*“That next January, she will be considered cured! These are words we never expected to hear, especially since her first oncologist told her she had little chance of surviving…” “In 2001 my wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Because of poor health, I had only been able to work occasionally and we were very low on financial funds. Also we did not have insurance. We tried to get assistance, but were turned down everywhere we went. We got a recommendation from an employee at a clinic to try the department of children and family services, adult division, for our state. But again the door was closed on us. At this point, things got so bad we had to do our grocery shopping at a railroad salvage store. My greatest fear was that after my wife finished her chemo and radiation the medicines she would need would not be anything we could afford. Someone told me about alternative medicine and that it is used around the world, but that most doctors frown on this practice. We started researching the internet for anything that would help and be something we could afford. When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, the doctor used a CA125 blood test. The doctor told us that a count under 35 is acceptable. My wife’s count was “365” confirming the cancer. My wife has NOT has not had ANY form of medication for her cancer! The “ONLY” thing she is using is Apricot Seeds or Kernels. Her last CA125 test was taken 9 days ago and her count was at “10”, well below the established number of 35. No one can tell us that the Apricot Seeds are not doing even more then we had hoped for on her. Last doctor’s visit, the doctor told my wife that if she had made it past the first 2 years without problems, she was now in a group that has less than a 10% chance of reoccurrence and that next January, she will be considered cured! These are words we never expected to hear, especially since her first oncologist told her she had little chance of surviving.”
Dorothy & Robert Halun
Lakeland, FL
*”My doctor said if I did not have the scars on my body they could never prove that I had Cancer. It’s all because I took Raw Apricot Kernels…” I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2001. The first oncologist told me the tumor was too large to operate and that he must shrink the tumor through chemo prior to surgery. He said that if I would have come to him a couple of years earlier that it would be an automatic death sentence, however, he had this new protocol – Stem Cell Therapy – which could save my live at a cost of about $100,000 more than what my insurance would pay…I got a second opinion. My 2nd oncologist, after pondering the proposed surgery for the weekend said that even though the tumor was large, he thought he could do the surgery prior to starting chemo. I started researching my options. After surgery, I REFUSED CHEMOTHERAPY AND RADIATION. My doctor said I would die if I did not at least to Chemo. I told him “My life, my decision…if I am wrong in a year, I will listen to you then”. When my one year CA125 test was taken, I was a perfect 10. My doctor said if I did not have the scars on my body they could never prove that I had Cancer. It’s all because I took Raw Apricot Kernels (6 per day). I am now cancer free for 5 years and counting. Babette Garfield, Age 57 Las Vegas, NV
Babette Garfield
Las Vegas, NV
*“I learned about Amygdalin (B17) and started taking it right away and all of my symptoms began to regress…” “I have been dealing with Indolent Lymphoma since 1996. I knew I was pretty much on my own with this. About 5 years ago, I learned about Amygdalin (B17) and started taking it right away and all of my symptoms began to regress. If I am stupid and eat sugar or stuff I shouldn’t, I begin to get my symptoms back, but as soon as I tighten up my diet, they go away. I have a lot of energy now and I am starting a new business and I am 61. I used to be exhausted but no more. I am very grateful for Amygdalin (B17) and the Apricot Seeds.” Nancy Pratt, Age 61 Montclair, VA
Nancy Pratt
Montclair, VA
*“GET PEOPLE TO TRY THIS – it works…” Here is my testimonial. Let me begin by saying I am not affiliated in any way with this product I am suggesting you try. I have bought it & used it myself on several (really severe) sun spots/skin lesions with total & successful removal with consistent use. I thought for sure I would have to go to a surgeon, but bought this cream instead. The first one I removed was on my leg, I had watched it getting bigger for a couple of years. It was pretty deep, too. It was a bit uncomfortable at first after I applied the cream but then it began to work. I next removed one on my left shoulder that had become quite large as well. I then used it on one near my left temple. It was one of those big brown lesions you see on old people. It took a bit longer. It had to be gently peeled off a couple of times, but then one day, the last layer came right off. I also got rid of 2 smaller ones on my face & a really bad one on my right ear. You have to be consistent. Apply it ONLY to the spot a couple of times a day in the beginning. The area will get a bit red, sometimes it gets itchy, but that means it is working. Eventually you will be able to cut it back to once a day. Every couple days put a dab of antibacterial cream on it. After about a week or so, you should be able to gently start peeling off a little bit at a time and then when the final layer comes off it will be just healthy skin underneath. – Nanci
*I wanted to thank you for providing this information and life altering product… “I eat the apricot seeds daily in almost everything since they have a nice almond taste…in cereal especially! Thanks again!” Mark Johnson Glen Carbon, IL
Mark Johnson
Glen Carbon, IL
*“She has been CANCER FREE for 6 years… “6 years ago we noticed that our 100lb Golden Retriever, Cassie, had a tumor on her back paw. The vet suggested that we have them remove the tumor and have it analyzed. Thus, St Pat’s day 2000 Cassie had the operation. All went well. When we got the results back, they said it was a mast cell tumor type 2. They recommended chemotherapy. Knowing that God made provision for Noah and the animals, we prayed and felt that the Lord was directing us in a different way. First, we checked the dog food we were giving her. We found that Sci Diet had carcinogens in it. We studied and switched to Innova, a natural dog food. We also recently had heard from the Christian Brothers about raw apricot seeds and their properties that would help the body fight cancer. We did some calling around and got an idea of how many seeds to give for the 100 pound dog. (One of the testimonials from Christian Brothers was about a healed dog.) We also started giving Cassie Barley Green, a powdered barley leaf that would help make her body alkaline. Cancer can not exist in an alkaline environment. Twice a day we would give Cassie her seeds etc. Her paw healed nicely and the vet was pleasantly surprised. Then, as each year Cassie would go for her spring check up the vet would say how lucky we were. We would usually agree we are blessed. Cassie had one other small tumor removed from her back about 2 years ago. It was not cancerous. She has been CANCER FREE for 6 years. As you can tell from her picture, she has gotten the raccoon look around her eyes as she has aged. Yet, she still likes to play. We give credit for her long healthy life from Jesus directing all of our steps-in changes in food, supplements, exercise and B17. Thank you for making your products available.” Karen Olsen Elmhurst, IL
Karen Olsen
Elmhurst, IL
*“This is when I prayed and asked God to show me another way because I knew the chemo was so painful… “Hi, my name is Tina Brock and my mother Fanida Caudelle (Faye) has battled cancer for a long time. Twelve years ago she had breast cancer. In 2004 she was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She took chemo and the cancer stayed away for a year. It came back in her spleen, abdomen, and pelvic areas. This is when I prayed and asked God to show me another way because I knew the chemo was so painful. I began researching and found B-17. Thank God! I ordered her a bottle and she took it while taking the chemo and we were all impressed with how well her blood counts were each time. She is still using B-17 today and February 14, 2006 my mom turned 74 years old. I would like to thank you for making B-17 available.” Fanida Caudelle, Age 74 Nicholson, Georgia
Fanida Caudelle
Nicholson, Georgia
*“Before taking the apricot seeds, I could feel a couple of small lumps in my breasts. Within a couple of months the lumps were all gone and have not returned… “I have been using Apricot Seeds for a little more than 2 years and believe they have made a big difference in my health. Before taking the apricot seeds, I could feel a couple of small lumps in my breasts. Within a couple of months the lumps were all gone and have not returned. I continue to take the apricot seeds every day and believe they along with whole grains, fruits, vegetables, avoiding red meat and seafood without fins and scales, and eating as organically as possible is responsible for the change in my body. Edgar Casey had a vision of what he believed were almonds and that they prevented cancer. I believe Casey actually saw apricot seeds and mistook them for almonds because they look similar.” Carol Loguisto Nassau, New York
Carol Loguisto
Nassau, New York
*“B17 still continues to save his life every day… “We were skeptical when our holistic vet advised B17 therapy to our German Shepherd Baron, who was diagnosed with advanced hemangiosarcoma or blood cancer and given two weeks to live. It’s now been 7 months and he’s still with us. B17 still continues to save his life every day.” Mary Smith Oakland, CA
Mary Smith
Oakland, CA
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