Cure for Cancer using Natural Remedies

Vitamin B17, Apricot Seeds, Minerals, and More.

The Truth About Cancer Part 4

Short explanation about Episode 4 of Ty
Bollinger’s Global Quest for the truth about cancer.

Important points discussed on episode 4 are…

  • Countries around the world that out law natural treatment centers and make chemo and radiation mandatory.
  • MSG /Glutamate that is in a lot of our food and what it does to your brain, how it make cancer grow.
  • What foods actually feed cancer and what foods has the ingredients that you don’t want.
  • Why soy is so bad for you.
  • What sugars are bad for you, how sugar is delivered into the system and what is the difference.
  • How a lot of the foods you eat everyday cause you body to create cancer and reduces your immune system to the point it can not help you. Doctor office’s are filled with this food.
  • A doctor that grows his own garden is absolutely great information.
  • How ripe fruits and vegetables kill cancer if you eat it right when it is ripe, but not the stuff that is shipped green.
  • Learn how vitamin B16 and sprouts can keep cancer away.
  • How diet sodas, appertain, and a lot more that you don’t want and other sodas with Stevia that you can get to replace it.
  • How Selenium / Chromium / Silica also known as Diatomaceous Earth can stave cancer.
  • How a clinic in Mexico is curing cancer with several methods that is working very well with none toxic remedies.
  • Learn the difference of far infrared and near infrared saunas.
  • More great testimonies of cancer victims living many years past what conventional methods would have done.

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