Cure for Cancer using Natural Remedies

Vitamin B17, Apricot Seeds, Minerals, and More.

The Truth About Cancer Part 2

Short explanation and the video of Episode 2 of Ty
Bollinger’s Global Quest for the truth about cancer.

Important points discussed on episode 2 are…

  • Cancer facts, how cancer works and how it can be prevented and stopped.
  • The truth that we all get cancer but when our bodies a working correctly it just goes away. So beware of this because you can be diagnosed of having cancer and if left alone it will go away. However if you are diagnosed you should cleans your body and build up your immune system and how.
  • How Angeline Jolie was misled with some very bad information.
  • How breast cancer should be prevented long before you ever get it.
  • How mammograms cause breast cancer.
  • The 7 essentials to prevent and cure any cancer.
  • Why there is no reason to fear cancer, ever.
  • Metals in your teeth and root canals.
  • How essential oils cure cancer and testimonies of long time survivors to add to the proof.
  • How many early diagnosis tests actually cause the cancer you get as well as chemo and radiation. Millions die because they went to the doctor…!

You can get the whole 9 video series here.

If you missed this video you can watch it here below.

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