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The Truth About Cancer Part 1

This is a short explanation and the video of Episode 1 of Ty Bollinger’s Global Quest for the truth about cancer.

Most doctors that were interviewed stated that they would not give chemo therapy to their own family or take it themselves. The majority also stated that cancer is all about making money for the big pharmacy companies, and that they would lose their jobs if they use natural remedies like vitamin C and vitamin B17.

Then the subject goes deeper as to what chemo and radiation do to the body and the general sense is that people very rarely die of cancer, but they die from the side effects of the drugs with liver failure, kidney failure, pneumonia, etc. So, as we have been saying on this site for 20 years, you do not get cured from the drugs but you survive them. The chemo and radiation destroys the immune system and causes the body to die.

Doctors get big kick backs for prescribing chem drugs even if the patient does not need it and that was exactly what a doctor in Michigan did. He sent people to have chemo therapy knowing that these people did not have cancer, the people died from the cancer drugs they took thinking they had cancer. The doctor went to prison because he got caught, but what about all the other doctors profiting from drugs they prescribe from their own diagnosis that don’t get caught?

Other very important topics discussed on episode one are…

  • The Nazi / Jewish war camps were funded by the pharmaceutical companies to build a great big drug plant…! (You have to hear the story on this video).
  • How World War II could not have happened without the big pharmaceutical companies.
  • How the real war on cancer is really a war against anyone that will try to go against the drug industry like doctors and people that tell the truth including doctors that had their office raided at gun point, book burning etc..
  • Congress actually stated that there is a conspiracy in the cancer industry and it is in the Congregational record and they read it to you on video.
  • The fact that you can give a person a drug and if they die it is OK, but if you help them live you go to jail.
  • The American Medical Association (AMA) was sued in 1987 and the judgment was guilty of conspiracy, but yet they still hide this information.
  • Testimonies how the AMA tried to buy out inventions that would cure cancer and other diseases and if they don’t sell then they destroy their business and even kill them.
  • Many testimonies where people were sent home to die and chose to go with natural remedies and what they did and where and how they have been alive for many years without cancer, but the people that use drugs die within 5 years of horrible deaths.
  • Several testimonies from parents and children of how the U.S. government took custody of their children and forced chemo on the child against the consent of the child and the parents and even amputate the children’s arms etc. before giving the child custody back to the parents.
  • Cancer victims that have lived 40 years by NOT doing chemo or radiation but rather going natural, some people cured more than once in a lifetime.

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