Cure for Cancer using Natural Remedies

Vitamin B17, Apricot Seeds, Minerals, and More.

What are some of the things to do after you get rid of cancer?

What are some of the things to do after you get rid of cancer


First of all congratulation, now what is the next thing to do?, many people think they can go back at  this point of life to the old style they were living, they want to have a burger and a big piece of cake to celebrate that there is no more cancer, right?…….well no, not right, actually very wrong, that life style was what got you sick and destroyed your body, you need to keep the healthy style because your immune system is compromise and you will get cancer again if you do not do the right things.

At this point choosing a healthy life style is a lot easier, you already went through it, the worst part is already over

and now you can enjoy life without fear. Non the less, you still need to take supplements, cleansing your

body has to become a habit and educate yourself more and more on how to keep healthy because there are

new ways coming out all the time which will make your health better.

You can even help others by telling your story of success on getting rid of the cancer, the journey you had to do, they things you had to learn. Your testimony will safe lives.


Below is a list of topics that will help keep your body clean and detoxified to keep the cancer from ever returning.

Most of the topics below are detailed here on the product information page.


* Keep taking your vitamin B17

* Keep eating your apricot seeds

* Keep eating good organic food (no white sugars, white flours, GMO, chemicals, etc)

* Keep taking High levels of Vitamin C (work up slow – could be 20,000mg a day or more)

* Keep doing organic coffee enemas  (if you can)

* Keep taking Zinc

* Keep taking good quality of Multi Vitamin and Minerals

* Keep taking good quality Probiotics

* Keep taking Essiac Tea with 8 Detoxing Herbs

* Keep taking Milk thistle in capsules or tea to clean the lymph

* Look up lymphatic dry brushing on Youtube

* Look up Rebounding for Lymph Drainage on Youtube

* Keep educating, studying and researching about good healthy living.

* Keep moving,… swim, walk, exercise, ride on bicycle, do jogging, or hiking, it does no matter as long as you move for several hours during the day, not just 30 minutes to an hour in the gym everyday, you have to move all day long. Walk to your bank, use the stairs, do not use the remote control, have a garden and work on it, there are infinite ways to get moving all day long while being productive on something else.


We can not tell you how much Vitamin B17 and apricot seeds you need and this point as every person is different, you will be able to tell how much your body can handle.


We are not licensed medical professionals, just people trying to help.