Cure for Cancer using Natural Remedies

Vitamin B17, Apricot Seeds, Minerals, and More.

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If you are already diagnosed with cancer, you need to get the highest amount of Vitamin B17, into your body, in the shortest amount of time.  Using Vitamin B17 in injectable form is the best option, so the B17 will be injected into the vein.

Warning: Do not buy injectable B17 until you have someone who can and will inject it into the vein, or put it in an IV portal for you, because returning the product will cost you money.

You will need a natural doctor or nurse to give you one of the 10cc injectable three times a day, or three injections at one time once a day, if the three times a day is not an option. In case you do not find a natural doctor or nurse to give the intra venous injection, then you can apply the B17 injection intra muscular (butt muscle). This is not the primary way to do it, but there are Clinics in Mexico who say you can do it.

While taking B17 you will need to take zinc because it helps the B17 get into the cells.

The injectable form is a 23-day process, and when finished, you will need to continue with 500mg Vitamin B17 capsules, apricot seeds, zinc and others below until you can safely go to a maintenance dose.

If you can’t take the injection, the next best thing would be the 500mg capsules with the apricot seeds, zinc, and vitamin C.

On Day 1, start out with (1) 500mg tablet.  On Day 2, increase to (2) 500mg tablets;  (one in the morning and one a night).  On Day 3, take (3) 500mg tablets three times a day and so on. If you get nauseated, decrease your dosage until you are less nauseous. Do this for two to three days and then try to increase the dosage again, if possible. Slowly increase your dosage as high as you can, while remaining comfortable. The goal is to take as much as you can without becoming nauseated.

While taking Vitamin C, it is important to remember Vitamin C cannot be stored in your body, so about every two or three hours, take additional vitamin C.  Start out with 1000mg a day and slowly progress toward taking around 15,000mg to 20,000mg or more a day of quality Vitamin C. Be sure to spread it throughout the day and night, and keep increasing as much as you can, slowly without getting diarrhea. If you do get diarrhea (don’t worry it is your body telling you it had more than it could use for the moment), slow down the amount you are taking every two or three hours and drink lots of water.  The key here is getting a consistent flow (as much as you can) of Vitamin C every two or three hours without having diarrhea. If your body is able to accept intra venous vitamin C in high doses (40 000 mg or 50 000 mg ) this option is better than taking capsules or pills as it does not have to go through the digestive system and it is better received by the body.

Very important additional topics listed below are detailed here on the product information page.


* Raw Apricot Seeds and/or Vitamin B17

* High levels of Vitamin C (work up slow – could be 20,000mg a day or more)

* Organic coffee enemas  (if you can handle caffeine )

* Essiac 8 Detoxing Herb / Cancer Killing Tea

* Multi-Vitamin Mineral, Amino- Acids, Enzymes Solution

* Grounding / Earthing

* Zinc helps the B17 get into the cells better

* Get raw organic broccoli sprouts in your diet

* Juice raw vegetables (greens are important)

* MSM Organic Sulfur

* Look up lymphatic dry brushing on Youtube

* Look up Rebounding for Lymph Drainage on Youtube

* Keep educating, studying and researching about good healthy living

* Move, yes move… swim, walk, exercise, ride on bicycle, do jogging, or hiking, dance,etc…. the kind of exercise does not matter as long as you do it for at least a couple of hours everyday, not just 30 minutes to an hour in the gym everyday, you have to move all day long. Walk to your bank, use the stairs, do not use the remote control, have a garden and work on it, there are infinite ways to get moving all day long while being productive on something else.

Fix these issues if you can

If you have metal fillings in your teeth or have had a root canal, listen to this… 97% of terminal cancer patients previously had a root canal procedure. Don’t get them out the wrong way, do your study first or email us.

Stop eating white flour and white sugar and keep educating yourself on other things you should not eat.

Other great resources are:

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Cancer Protocols

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Don’t let anyone scare you into making a decision you do not feel good about or making a decision before you are ready. If you think it’s the wrong direction for you, it probably is. You know your body better than anyone, so make your own decisions.


These are just a few powerful things you can do. It’s impossible to do everything all at one time so try the things that sound best to you first.


We are not licensed medical professionals, just people trying to help.