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Coffee enemas should be used in conjunction with a cleansing diet program.

The frequency and number of coffee enemas applied obviously depends upon the degree of toxic burden and the rate of its release into the system.

The use of coffee enemas on a detoxification program enables patients to progress at a faster rate than they would normally. Extremely toxic symptoms can be experienced on a comparatively mild cleanse and without the use of coffee enemas, people are often tempted to give up the treatment.

If you are introducing a daily coffee enema, I would recommend doing the treatment in the morning, as this time is usually the most natural bodily rhythm of evacuation.

Coffee enemas taken later in the day may cause sleep disturbances.

This information is simply a guideline and overview for better health.

As a general treatment, the use of a daily coffee enema in combination with a juice, potassium broth, vegetables and fruit diet program, will assist the detoxification effect.

If you are taking more than one coffee enema daily, then space them at four hourly intervals.

Coffee Enema Recipe and Procedure

The coffee enema recipe uses the caffeine drug in coffee to detoxify the liver and is a primary therapeutic approach of treating cancer alternatively. Enemas made from drip-grind boiled coffee have proven themselves an advantageous means of detoxifying and restoring the liver.

According to Dr. Gerson, “This treatment should be followed strictly for at least two years. The liver is the main organ for the regeneration of the body’s metabolism for the transformation of food from intake to output”.

Step 1. Materials for coffee enema recipe

  • Enema bag or enema bucket with a clamp.
  • Organic fine ground coffee is the only one you should use.
  • Purified or Filtered water.

Step 2. Preparation of coffee enema to detoxify the liver

  • Place three cups of purified water and two to three tablespoons of organic coffee in a stainless steel saucepan and bring to a boil.
  • Let it boil 10 minutes, then turn off the heat and allow it to cool.
  • One or two ice cubes may be added to speed the cooling process, the ice cubes must be made with purified water as well. Strain with cloth to separate the coffee grounds from the liquid.
  • You may make a larger quantity and use it for several coffee enemas. Always use the amount of coffee per cups of water mentioned above.
  • Wait until the coffee water is comfortable to the touch. If the coffee is too hot or too cold, retaining the enema will be more difficult.

Step 3. Preparing to take the coffee enema to detoxify the liver

  • Be sure the plastic hose is pushed or fastened well onto the enema bag and the thin enema tip is attached to the other end.
  • Remove any air from the enema tube the following way: Grasp but do not close the clamp on the hose. Place the tip in the sink.
  • Hold up the enema bucket above the tip until the water begins to flow out. Then close the clamp. This expels any air in the tube.
  • Lubricate the enema tip. Too much lubrication will cause the tip to fall out of the rectum, creating a mess.

Step 4. Taking the coffee enema

  • The position preferred by most people is lying on one’s right side on a mat or towel, on the bathroom floor, or very close to the bathroom.
  • With the clamp closed, place the enema bag close to you hanging about one or two feet above your abdomen. If you have an enema bucket, you can place it on the counter sink in the bathroom. The enema container has to be a couple of feet up to be able to flow in by gravity.
  • Insert the tip gently and slowly. Move it around until it goes all the way in.
  • Open the clamp and let the liquid flow. The coffee may take a few seconds to begin flowing. If the coffee does not flow, you may lift the bag/bucket higher. If you develop a cramp, close the hose clamp and take a few deep breaths. The cramp will usually pass quickly.
  • When all the liquid is inside. Close the clamp. You can leave the tube inserted, or remove it slowly.
  • RETAIN THE ENEMA FOR 12 to 15 MINUTES, all this time you should be lying on the floor. Use the time to read a book, meditate, or listen to music. Walking around the house with the coffee inside is not recommended.

Step 5. Finishing up

  • After the 12 or 15 minutes, go to the toilet and empty out the coffee water. It is recommended to sit on the toilet for a minimum of 10 minutes to empty your intestines. Using a toilet stool will help to avoid hemorrhoids.
  • Wash the enema bucket and tube thoroughly with soap and water. Then sanitize with hydrogen peroxide.

Hints regarding coffee enemas:

  • If possible, do the enema after a bowel movement to make it easier to retain the coffee. If this is not possible, take a plain water enema first if needed, to clean out the colon.
  • If intestinal gas is a problem, some exercise before the enema may eliminate the gas.
  • If the enema makes you jittery, reduce the amount of coffee.
  • The enema may lower your blood sugar. If so, eat something just before or after taking the enema. I usually eat a half of a banana.

If you have trouble holding the enema, here are suggestions:

  1. Be patient. Practice makes perfect.
  2. The coffee may be too hot or too cold. Be sure the water temperature is comfortable.
  3. It may help to place a small pillow or rolled up towel under your buttocks so the water flows downhill into your colon.
  4. If coffee irritates your colon you should try a combination of chamomile ( 3 TBS ) and coffee ( 1 or 2 TBS).
  5. If trouble continues, try reducing the amount of coffee or add 2 tablespoons of potassium to the water.

When should you not do a coffee enema?

If there is any bleeding and/or ulceration in the colon, hypertension, tachycardia, cardiac, respiratory or renal insufficiency, do not use a coffee enema.


A chemo patient cannot take the coffee enemas. Coffee enemas can result in the release and overload of chemotherapy drugs into the circulatory system in a completely unregulated manner.  This can have very serious, deleterious results and even cause death with highly toxic patients.

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