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My Opinion about Cancer

It’s still legal to have an opinion in America…(but not for long)

In 1901 it was estimated that 1 out of 80 Americans had cancer. Today 1 out of 4 people in America have cancer.  Not only is cancer on the rise but diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and a lot more, including the youngest generations… Why?


In the late 90´s  I became alarmed with the amount of disease arising in America. The medical profession seemed focused only on getting rid of the symptoms, not each disease. As a result, I became very interested in my family’s health and started my own research. I found there is a lot of information the American Medical Association (AMA) will never tell you. If fact, there is a lot of information they are trying to keep from you.


No one, including the AMA, or your own doctor, cares about you as much as you care about yourself. So, the first conclusion I came to was this… If you are educated with the truth, then you are the best doctor you will ever have. When I say educated with the truth, I mean the whole truth not just parts of it. This website is dedicated to giving you information and helping you find other resources on your own.


You might ask how can someone claim to know about the cure for cancer if 12.5 billion dollars per year are still spent on cancer research? If there was a cure wouldn’t my doctor know about it? Wouldn’t the news media be telling everyone?


To start with, let me first tell you that some of the rights you think you have as a U.S. citizen, you no longer have, such as the freedom of speech and freedom of the press, to name two. The lawyers and lawmakers have found a way to eliminate our rights making them illegal for you and me (common people) but reserving the rights for big companies, big industries and governments to perpetrate their beliefs upon us.


For me to tell you the truth in the USA is no longer legal. For example, if I do have the cure for cancer but my product has not been approved as a drug, I can’t tell you that it will cure cancer and then supply you with the product, even when research substantiates all claims. What happened to freedom of speech? In order for me to be able to tell what my product does and sell it to you, I would need to get the product approved as a drug. This would cost me about a half billion dollars and ten years to get it approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If my product is natural, meaning from nature such as an herb or something that I can extract from plants, etc., I can’t patent it. So, if I spend the money to make it a drug it would be an un-patented drug. This means anyone could sell my product without my permission. I would not be able to recover my half billion dollars plus the ten years waiting for approval. Therefore it makes no business sense to try and get my natural product approved by the FDA to sell as a drug.


Drug companies love this game because this gets rid of the competition of natural products which not only work better but are relatively free from harmful side effects. Most people would not want synthetic drugs if they knew they could receive the same benefit from a natural substance without harmful side effects. Synthetic drugs are man’s attempt to create what God has already provided in nature. Synthetic drugs are counterfeits of natural substances and can and do cause many harmful side effects. Their only value is that they can be patented, making it good business for the pharmaceutical companies to get them approved. Now that they have their drugs approved, they can give you information and sell you the product legally. Since my product is a natural substance and I have not made it a drug, I cannot give you information and then sell you the product. Even if my product is a known cure and it is the truth, I can’t tell you about it legally. The only thing I can do legally is state my OPINION and the information I have researched so you can decide for yourself what is right for you. Giving you my opinion is what I am doing now. You and I have lost most of our constitutional rights in American. Let me say this; from the information I have, I believe there is not one major sickness or disease that has not been cured by a natural product somewhere in the world. I will also say that I believe that this information is being kept from you and me because of MONEY.


Why would the pharmaceutical companies, American Medical Association (AMA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) want to withhold information about things like the cure for cancer, diabetes, AIDS, leukemia, etc.?

The same reason oil companies would not want a carburettor that could run a car on water or something as available as water. The same reason big car companies would not want a car that runs for a million miles. (Which I believe they have buried the patent to it).

BECAUSE OF MONEY!!! 1 Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil…”


Now that you have somewhat of an idea of where I am coming from, let’s go back and answer the first three questions we asked. How can someone claim to know about the cure for cancer if 12.5 billion dollars per year are still spent on cancer research? Many times in the Bible Jesus answered a question with a question. Allow me to do the same. If you were making 12.5 billion dollars per year to research the cure, would you want that money to stop coming in? How many people would keep giving to cancer research if they knew the cure had already been found? How about research for the cure of diabetes, heart disease, AIDS, PMS, or anything else? Case closed.


As I said earlier, it is my opinion there is not a sickness or disease that can’t be cured. Of course you will have to find that information without the help of modern medicine. Why? Because the medical establishment in my opinion does not want you well. There is no money for them unless you are sick! They want to keep you sick until you die. In the Bible days when they would crucify criminals on the cross, the soldier doing the scourging could beat a man 39 times in just the right way that he would not die. He would keep him alive to suffer, then hang him on a cross in just the right way that he would suffocate slowly. There was an art to the killing.


In my opinion, this is exactly what modern medicine does today only they keep you alive long enough to suck out all of your insurance money. You are then told they have done all they can and send you home to die. What they really mean is that you are out of money and you are worthless to them so please go away. You might say this is rather bold and I do not believe that my doctor is that cold. Your doctor may not actively think that but the system that taught him surely does.


Let’s look at the medical establishment back through the years so you can see that this attitude is not new but in truth, very old. The history of medical science is the history of struggle against entrenched error. Many of the world’s greatest discoveries were initially rejected by the scientific community. Those who pioneered those discoveries often were ridiculed and condemned as quacks or charlatans. Here are some examples:

  • Ether as discovered by a man named Valerius Cordus in the 16th century. The medical establishment didn’t pay any attention to him and so for the next three centuries, mankind endured tremendous agonies as doctors cut, sliced, yanked, sawed, and slashed through flesh, bone, and nerves without the aid of any anaesthetic. Finally, in 1846, thanks to William Morton, a publicity-minded dentist, the idea of ether caught on.
  • William Harvey was disgraced as a physician for saying that blood was pumped from the heart and moved around the body through arteries.
  • William Roentgen, the discoverer of x-rays, was called a quack and then condemned out of fear that his “ray” would invade the privacy of the bedroom.
  • They ridiculed Louis Pasteur for announcing that germs cause disease.
  • They ran Ignaz Semmelweis out of Vienna for asking surgeons to wash their hands before operating.

Centuries ago, it was not unusual for entire naval expeditions to be wiped out by scurvy. Between 1600 and 1800, the casualty list of the British navy alone was over one million sailors. Medical experts of the time were baffled as they searched in vain for some kind of strange bacterium, virus or toxin that supposedly lurked in the dark holds of ships. And yet, for hundreds of years, the cure was already known and written in the records. In 1535, the French explorer Jacques Cartier found his ships frozen in the ice off the St. Lawrence River. Scurvy began to take its deadly toll. Out of a crew of one hundred and ten, twenty-five had already died and most of the others were so ill they weren’t expected to recover. And then a friendly Indian showed them the simple remedy. Tree bark and needles of the white pine – both rich in vitamin C – were stirred into a drink which produced immediate improvement and swift recovery. Upon returning to Europe, Cartier reported this incident to the medial authorities. But they were amused by such “witch-doctor cures of ignorant savages” and did nothing to follow it up. Because of scientific arrogance, it took over two hundred years and cost hundreds of thousands of lives before the medical experts began to accept and apply this knowledge. (Sound familiar?)

  • In the 1900s, large portions of the American Southeast were decimated by the dread disease of pellagra. Many physicians of the time said that it was a contagious disease and probably caused by a yet to be discovered virus. As far back as 1914, however, Dr. Joseph Goldberger had proven that this condition was related to diet and later showed that it could be prevented by eating liver or yeast. But it wasn’t until the 1940s, almost 30 years later, that the “modern” medical world fully accepted that pellagra was a vitamin B deficiency.
  • And don’t forget the medical practice of “bleeding” a patient that was contemporary medicine for several centuries. Many people died as a result of this practice.
  • And in our modern day, they laughed en masse at two-time Nobel prize-winner Linus Pauling for showing that vitamin C helps with colds.


Now, I want to make clear that I am not saying that there are not individual doctors in this country that are sincerely wanting what is best for their patients. What I am talking about is the AMA, FDA, ADA, and the medical establishment (medical colleges, etc.) in general that have this attitude. There are some doctors in this country that are tired of giving treatments to their patients that do not work. These are the courageous men and women who will go against the status quo and against the medical establishment by taking a stand for vitamin therapy as treatments. They endure scorn by the AMA and their colleagues, run the risk of being labeled “quacks”, and some have even been run out of their practice for deviating from what is taught in medical schools. This is especially true for cancer therapy. Anything that deviates from chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and drugs (all of which is the “approved” standard treatment by the AMA) is considered “quackery”. If you do not believe me, go to Tijuana, Mexico and talk to all the doctors there that can no longer practice in the U.S. Because they have used vitamin therapy and nutrition for treating cancer with tremendous results.