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MSM Organic Sulfur

msm sulfur

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MSM it is known in different ways: Organic Sulfur, Methylsulfonylmethane, or Methyl-sulfonyl-methane.

It is a natural product, not a drug. You can find it in many plants, raw milk and raw cheese made from pastured cows, but the soils all around the planet are sulfur-depleted due to over farming, then the plants and animals we eat are deficient in sulfur as well. Hence the need to take Organic Sulfur as a supplement. You have to make sure though, that you buy only pure organic sulfur (MSM).

MSM is a very powerful antioxidant formed of:

  • 34% Sulfur
  • 34% Oxygen
  • 26% Carbon and 6% hydrogen bonds

MSM is used for all types of chronic pain, joint inflammation, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, bursitis, tendonitis, muscle cramps, periodontal disease, oral hygiene, eye inflammation, migraine, headaches, parasitic infections of the intestinal and urogenital tracts like: yeast, trichomonas, giardias.

It is also used to treat allergies, constipation, ulcers, diverticulosis, premenstrual syndrome, poor circulation, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, liver problems, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, for any lung disorders, for autoimmune disorders and for CANCER.

In the case of Cancer, MSM (organic sulfur) works as follows:

  • As an oxygen transporter.
  • To reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • To kill microbes in the blood stream.
  • To reduce lactic acid in the blood stream. ( Lactic acid causes a lot of pain in the patient)

How to prepare MSM water:

  • Start with small doses of MSM water because the stomach is not accustomed to drinking it.
  • Take a gallon GLASS jug of purified water. If you do not have purified water, take water from the faucet and leave it resting for at least an hour before you use it because MSM should not be mixed with chlorinated water at all.
  • Once you have your gallon glass jug full of the appropriate water, add 16 tablespoons of Organic Sulfur (MSM) into the gallon glass jug.
  • Wait until the organic sulfur is totally dissolved. Sometimes it takes an hour for the MSM to completely dissolve. You can shake the gallon jug from time to time to make the organic sulfur dissolve faster.
  • Do this until you finally see the crystals in the bottom of the jug have disappeared. Now you have MSM WATER.
  • Let it set at room temperature. Do not refrigerate it.

Doses of MSM WATER for adults:

The first thing you have to do is to check for allergies, so take 1 tea spoon of the MSM water from the gallon glass jug and if you do not get any rash, (some people who are allergic to Sulfa drugs may have trouble with MSM), then two hours later, you can start with the dose below.

It’s very important to do the dose just like it’s explained.


  • Take 4 table spoons of the MSM water from your gallon glass jug.
  • Three hours later ( after the first 4 table spoons) take 6 table spoons of MSM water.
  • Three hours later take 8 table spoons of MSM water.
  • And this is all for Day 1 because the idea here is to make your stomach accustom to taking MSM, so, taking small doses also helps in avoiding big detoxification reactions due to the massive die-off of microbes. When lots of microbes die, lots of toxins are sent to the bloodstream and it can make you very sick. To avoid getting very sick and then very scared of MSM and wanting to stop taking MSM, it is important to do the doses little by little.


  • Take 8 table spoons of MSM water.
  • Three hours later take 10 table spoons of MSM water.
  • Three hours later take 11 table spoons of MSM water.
  • Take 12 table spoons of MSM water.
  • Two or Three hours later take 12 table spoons of MSM water.
  • Two or Three hours later take 12 table spoons of MSM water.
  • Two or Three hours later take 12 table spoons of MSM water.
    You can increase the dose of MSM water everyday if you want, a dose of 44 to 64 table spoons a day is completely safe.


You may experience some strange feelings in your head, but do not worry it is actually good because your brain is getting flooded with oxygen.

Organic sulfur is a superb cancer treatment because it grabs oxygen from water and gets it inside the cells (cancer and non-cancer)