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MicroWater Filtering System


Air Water Life Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Alkaline Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine


The alkaline water machine, aka Micro water machine, is an electronic water purifier. It takes the water from your tap, goes through the machine and electronically splits your water in two. It puts the acidic water on one side, runs it down the drain, then the alkaline water goes into your cup/container (it does this instantly).

You go to the sink, turn your water on, flip the switch and it’s making alkaline water. It works to half or full of your taps output capacity.

There is a lot of benefits to alkaline water as your getting the alkaline minerals in the water but without the acidic, and almost always the acidic is the chemicals. You don’t get rid of all the good stuff in the water but at the same time you don’t turn your water to an acidic state.

For example; If you were to use reverse osmosis (RO Water) or distilled water, both of these actually kill the water. When you use an RO unit or a distiller, the water is dead, there is nothing left in it which is not good and it’s also acidic. Some people are ok with that and they say they can put their own minerals back in it, yes you can.

With an alkaline water machine, you can do the same thing. What we do with ours is add just a very little bit of baking powder and that makes it a little alkaline if you don’t have an alkaline purifier.

You can also add Dead Sea Salt, (salt that comes from the Dead Sea in Israel which is suppose to be the most mineral filled water in the world) and the salt apparently carries some of those minerals. If your water is alkaline, you don’t really need the baking powder.

So the two machines are the alkaline water treatment system and the alkaline/acidic treatment system.

If you want it very acidic (like down to a 2) it would be for stuff like athletes foot or some bad skin condition that you may have. Very few people would need that machine.

You can read more about the process of how the treatment systems work by going to our MicroWater page.