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Liquid Manna

What It Is

Both Regular Liquid Manna and Royal Liquid Manna are simply super-oxygenated premium spring water energetically charged. Each one is used in a different way and in conjunction with one another.

It is believed that disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment and oxygen is known to neutralize/eliminate excessive acidity and toxins. While this product is a fairly new discovery, the reports from those who have used them have been miraculous.

More Information

During a process, the creator of Liquid Manna was able to supersaturate the oxygen molecule. Everyone knows that can't be done, but everyone also knows that bumble bees can't fly. What does this mean? Water is very unstable, but when he did what he did, he was able to strengthen the valence orbit of the oxygen to a stable state. In other words, the creator was able to modify the molecular structure and cause the oxygen to remain in a steady state. It does not appear that this steady state of oxygen changes when bottled in either glass, plastic or left in an open container. This is the part that no one in the world has been able to accomplish. Additionally, the creator of Liquid Manna had found out if the water is wet, the oxygen is still in it at the higher level.

Oxygen levels can also be measured and the average person has a general vitality of between 450 - 600 and an oxygen level of maybe 900. A good grade of drinking water will possibly have an oxygen level of 1,400, so, when a 600 energy level is exposed to a 1,400 level of oxygen, through satisfying one's thirst, we would expect a rise in energy level.

The creator of Liquid Manna has learned further that poisons displace oxygen in the body driving the pH down, but oxygen displaces poisons in the body, conversely driving the pH up. Ideally a human's pH should be between 7 and 8. All diseases require an acid environment to live and that is a pH of less than 7. Seven and above is in the alkaline range and diseases cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment.

I think one of the reasons people are sick is that they are low on oxygen!

How Liquid Manna does with Cancer and other problems

People with stomach, bladder, and colon cancers have drunk our water with much success. One gentleman had had three hernia operations, one low that had to be repaired, and then an umbilical hernia where they did about a four-inch incision horizontally above his navel. All those scars have disappeared. You can imagine what it would do to damage done on the inside of the body.


General Use Concepts

If you are dealing with a serious health issue, you may wish to drink a bottle of undiluted Royal Liquid Manna. You may also wish to drink a bottle of the Royal Liquid Manna if you simply wish to raise your oxygen level very quickly for optimum health. For on-going health and higher pH levels, drink Regular Liquid Manna daily.


Drink one bottle of Royal Liquid Manna: Pour about 1/3 of it in a glass. Sit down and sip that 1/3 bottle slowly over a period of 15 to 30 minutes. (Drinking quickly might cause some folks to get a little dizzy but the dizziness will pass quickly.) Slowly sip the remainder of the bottle over the next 4 to 6 hours.

To maintain a high oxygen level and probably a higher pH level, use the Regular Liquid Manna in your drinking water daily.

Note: Regular Liquid Manna can be added to anything you drink . . . milk, juice, coffee, tea, etc.

To prepare Regular Liquid Manna: Mix 1 tablespoon into a gallon (3.8 liters) of non-chlorinated, good-quality water. Then drink as much as is comfortable throughout each day.

Soaking (Bath or Foot Bath)

Remove the foil and let Royal Liquid Manna (unopened) float in the water while soaking your body as long as possible, preferably at least 30 minutes. Do this 2 -3 times per week for best results.

Royal Liquid Manna may eliminate pain by holding it on the painful location of the body, and some people actually sleep with the bottle.

Regular Liquid Manna in an Eye Dropper

If you have an eye condition such as cataracts, glaucoma or macular degeneration, you might consider putting drops of Regular Liquid Manna into your eyes several times each day. Results will not be immediate but over a few months or even perhaps years, many have experienced significant improvement.

Carry It with You

When you are away from home, you might consider carrying some Regular Liquid Manna in an eye dropper to raise the oxygen content of water or other liquids. If you add about 1/4 teaspoon of Regular Liquid Manna to an 8 oz. (240 ml.) container, that will be just about the right amount. That is just the amount that our little 2 oz. (60 ml.) eyedropper cap dispenses when full. Considering flight restrictions, this can be a perfect way to have Liquid Manna available during flights.

Notes regarding the foil around the Royal Liquid Manna:

When you receive a bottle of Royal Liquid Manna, it will be wrapped in foil. This is to keep the intense oxygen levels in the Royal Liquid Manna from migrating into the Regular Liquid Manna. (That tendency to migrate oxygen is precisely why you can receive such great benefits from putting the unopened bottle of Royal Liquid Manna into a bath.) Thus, if you are storing the two products next to each other, it is recommended that you keep the foil wrapping on. Otherwise, you can just remove the foil and dispose of it.


Premium Spring Water, super oxygenated with an energetic proprietary process.


Each bottle contains 16 ounces of water.

16 ounces of Regular Liquid Manna makes 32 gallons of super-oxygenated drinking water.

(Royal Liquid Manna is drunk directly from the bottle.)

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