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Beta Glucan - Cure for Cancer Alternative: Vitamin B17, Raw Apricot Seeds

Beta Glucan

Beta-glucan… what is it?

Beta-glucan is a safe, natural fiber molecule extracted from the cell walls of yeast and other substances, resulting in supplements that better your immune system. Beta-glucan is being researched by scientists all over the world. Their research has revealed the many benefits of beta-glucan. Not only does this safe supplement work with the immune system to help kill cancer, but it works with other drugs helping to overcome cancer as well.

Beta-glucan makes your immune system smarter. Unlike other drugs, beta-glucan does not stimulate the immune system, rather, it activates or modulates the immune system. In other words, Echinacea and colostrum are substances that stimulate the immune system, but beta-glucan activates the immune system. This way beta-glucan never over stimulates, one of the many reasons it is so beneficial.

Beta-glucan enhances the production, the size, and the functions of the ¨good¨ cells to carry out the war against bacteria, viruses, fungi and microbes.

There are many sources from where beta-glucans derive: yeast, seaweed, mushrooms, oats, barley, and the list goes on (up to 1500 sources). Even though it comes from yeast, beta-glucan is an isolate, where all potentially harmful proteins are removed so those who are allergic to yeast will not be affected.

Beta-glucan is not only good for treating cancer, beta-glucan helps protect your body in various ways:

– Infections of all kinds

– Increases your antibody production

– Helps with diabetes

– Lowers sugar levels

– Lowers cholesterol

– Helps with radiation burns

– Prevents the spreading of your cancer


– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

– Crohn´s disease

– Fibromyalgia

– Allergies

– Hepatitis

– Lyme´s disease

– Asthma

– Rheumatoid arthritis

– Cold, Flu, Swine flu H1N1

– Eczema

– Increases the defense of your body after treatments like radiation and chemotherapy

– Multiple sclerosis

Now that you know what beta-glucans are, it is important to understand the difference in sizes and their benefits. Be sure to always look for beta-glucans that have small particle sizes (one to two microns) for the best absorption as many low quality glucans contain large particulate sizes that tend to clump together once ingested.

Along with the information found here, be sure to do your own research as well to ensure that beta-glucan is right for you.