Cure for Cancer using Natural Remedies

Vitamin B17, Apricot Seeds, Minerals, and More.

The Truth About Cancer Part 7

Short explanation about Episode 7 of Ty
Bollinger’s Global Quest for the truth about cancer.

Important points discussed on episode 7 are…

  • How all diseases are similar in the way that the cells get unbalanced and it is the beginning of trouble.
  • Hear testimonies of Vitamin B17, diet, grounding and earthing
  • Visit a clinic that uses hypo boric oxygen chambers and how they work against cancer and other diseases.
  • How infrared and ultra violate light heals the body all the way to the DNA level
  • Learn how important the sun is to our health and how bad sunblocks are. Why cancer went up when the sunblocks came out and not just skin cancer. The sun does not cause skin cancer like you have been told.
  • How good organic fruits and vegetables collect the light from the sun and give it to you when you eat it.

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