Cure for Cancer using Natural Remedies

Vitamin B17, Apricot Seeds, Minerals, and More.

The Truth About Cancer Part 3

Short explanation about Episode 3 of Ty
Bollinger’s Global Quest for the truth about cancer.

Important points discussed on episode 3 are…

  • Learn how chemo and radiation do not kill cancer it makes it look like it for a few years but actually causes them to come back stronger because it did not take the cancer stem cell.
  • Learn how to re educate the cancer cell to understand its purpose in the body by giving it the right food.
  • Find out how organic food is different than none organic.
  • Testimonies on B17, wheat grass, coffee enemas, raw juicing, and more
  • Why you should not do chemo and radiations as soon as you hear about it. Do your study first.
  • How Essiac Tea helps thousands of people
  • How being overweight can lead to cancer. I will add and say if you have an issue with wright problem check out the HCG diet.
  • What is CODEX Alimentarius and how does it affect you? How to eliminate nutrition from every one on earth.
  • Learn about GMO food and pesticides and what it does to your food.
  • How bad is round up and what does it do to your body.
  • Why are people starving when we throw away enough food every year to feed the whole world again.
  • How fast can your body get rid or the chemicals once you switch over to organic? WOW…!
  • Countries that only eat farm food grown locally and how healthy they are for it.
  • A legal approved cancer cure in Latvia that is a good virus that comes from a human that kills cancer and it goes out after the cancer stem cells unlike chemo or radiation with living testimonies.

You can get the whole 9 video series here.

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