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Instructions for MMS

What you will receive:

1 bottle labeled ''Water Purification Drops" (MMS solution)
1 bottle labeled 50% Citric Acid Solution

The citric acid mixture needs to be refrigerated.

The MMS solution can stay in your cupboard for up to 7 years and needs to be kept out of direct sunlight.

Once your ready to mix the two together, you will use 1 drop of MMS to 1 drop of Citric Acid. You have to let it activate for a 3 minute period. During this time, it will turn yellow. It will smell and taste like Chlorine but it is not Chlorine.

You can use 1 to 2 oz of juice* and mix once the activation period of 3 minutes is complete.

Apple Juice or Prune Juice helps to eliminate the taste. You can add water also and drink it that way.

When your ready to increase the dosage, you would go to 2 drops of MMS to 2 drops of citric acid. It is always 1:1 ratio when you have the 50% citric acid solution.

*If using a juice, make sure there is no Sugar (refined sugars, pure cane sugar is fine) or Citric Acid in the juice or it will do damage to the formula you just mixed. Other juices can be used and are in the free book that you can sign up below and read for free online.

For more information on MMS you can go to our MMS page, or sign up below for the free book about the Miracle Mineral Solution.

In case of nausea, reduce the dose one or two drops and keep on that dose until you feel ok again, then it is time to increase one more drop at a time.

You can also have a piece of a cold apple after the MMS to help you with the nausea.


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