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Raw Apricot Seeds

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According to the book "World without Cancer", the Raw Apricot Seed has the highest concentrated levels of B17 than any other seed. The Apple Seed is second. When you eat an apple, eat the whole apple, seed and all.

You may have heard the saying when you were growing up, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". That includes eating the seed. We were also told all our lives not to eat the seeds which is a total contradiction to what our body needs.

The Raw Apricot Seed has the highest concentration of Vitamin B17. We have Raw Apricot seeds packaged which have not been sun dried, not frozen nor cooked, they are RAW. Click here to order! You should not cook them or freeze them as you loose the potency they carry, being a raw, whole food.

To eliminate the bitter taste of the Apricot seed, you can eat them with many different other whole foods. For example, you can eat them with Raw Almonds or Raw Cashews and even Raisins.

You can also use a product that we sell, The Make Your Own Capsule Pack, where you would grind the Apricot seed as to like powder form and fill the capsules and swallow them.

You can grind them in a coffee grinder and put them on a fruit salad or you can just chew them plain. Some people can chew them without adding the seed to other foods and some people cannot get past the bitterness.

If you are taking the seeds to prevent cancer, then 7 to 10 seeds a day is all you would need to take.

Staying away from showering in chlorinated water and drinking chlorinated water, alkaline water is the best, but also detoxify your body it is important.

Eat GOOD food. Stay away from fast foods, foods that are in the stores that are packed with chemicals and preservatives, meats that are injected with all kinds of chemicals and antibiotics.

Get the best food, water and air that you can along with adding Raw Apricot seeds to your diet.

Another reason to eat Raw Apricot seeds is there is more then just B17 in the seed. It also carries not only B17 but also B15, enzymes and other nutrients in the seed as it's a whole food.

So, when you extract B17 out of the seed and put it into tablet form, that is all you have is the B17.

Now, if you have had cancer or currently have cancer it's a totally different story. You start out in low doses like 3 seeds a day. Then add one or two seeds to that every day until you have reached one seed every waking hour and then 2 seeds every waking hour and so on. If you get dizzy or nauseated, then back down to where you were not feeling this way. Stay at the same level for a few days and let your body adjust, then try to increase back up, but again, do it slowly.

Each person is different. Some will be able to get to 3 - 5 seeds per waking hour (which have had the best results) and others may not make it to that many at all. There are a lot of variables.
Some people may be more toxic then others, size of ones body, but you still want to get as many seeds into your diet as possible and as fast as you can.

If you already have cancer or have had cancer there are other things you can do, like drinking the alkaline water, detoxifying your body and staying away from the foods that are full of chemicals. You will learn more by reading this web site.

By changing your diet to natural, whole foods it will do just the opposite of what the chemicals will do for you. Natural, whole foods will build your immune system, attack the cancer and detoxify your body. Whereas the drugs/chemicals is going to fill your body full of toxins and destroy your immune system. It could kill the cancer but it will also kill any good cells in your body. We all need our immune system in top working order as it's our body's defense system.

When you get your seeds, they will last up to 3 months in the refrigerator. Some feel that they are good up to 6 months, but I would suggest eating what you order within 1 to 3 months and then reorder before running out.

You can order enough seeds to last you for 3 months to avoid more shipping costs as you would if you were buying 1 package of seeds at a time. It may be hard to tell if they go rancid due to them already being bitter. So, in my opinion keeping them up to 3 months is best.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


raw apricot seeds

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